Kalkan iPhone / iPad App

What will it cost?

Whenever I get those annoying cold calls trying to get me to spend more money for advertising on a holiday rental site the first question is ‘how much’, and my answer is usually ‘that’s too much’. So I want to get as many holiday rental properties available on the app at a nominal cost and no cost to the potential renters. Therefore:

What Will the App cost for users and property renters?

a. The app is FREE to download to an iPhone or iPad from the App Store. Search for ‘Kalkan’. Or via iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kalkanrentbuy/id525229945?ls=1&mt=8

b. To advertise your Rental property on the app will cost £20 p.a.

c. To advertise your Sale property will be £20 p.a.

d. To have your Kalkan business listed is £25 p.a.

This is a very affordable enhancement to any existing advertising you might have and one which gets your property into a global market. I believe that given the increasing competition it is important to access new markets. For example, recent statistics show a relative slow-down of English visitors to Turkey and an increase in visitors from other countries.

Between 2010 and 2011 the percentage change of Visa spend for selected countries was:

UK -7.73
Russia 25.9
Germany 27.88
USA 4.48

Although the total spend of British visitors to Turkey is still high, the percentage decrease on spending on Visa in 2011 over the previous year probably reflects trends in spending in general.

You may only wish to rent out your property to visitors from the UK. No problem because you decide who to accept and who to decline.