Kalkan iPhone/iPad App

Whether you rent out an apartment or villa or have one for sale this App will enhance any existing advertising you might have and broaden your potential market. Most importantly it will not cost you an arm and a leg!

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Please make a donation to cover developer and server rental costs. Thank you

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Download the App for FREE
Download to your iPhone. iPad or iPod Touch through the App Store by searching for Kalkan. Or via iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kalkanrentbuy/id525229945?ls=1&mt=8

Why I developed the App

An increasing number of renters are getting tired of some of the rental website companies who have changed their business plan and no longer provide a direct link between guests and owners.

If you were to extend the promotion of your property on a certain owners rental website to France, Germany and the USA it would cost you a staggering £417 per annum on top of your usual annual fee and this is the ‘discounted’ rate.

As I have already developed two iPhone / iPad Apps (with another in the pipeline) it seemed like a good idea to put together an app which builds upon what is already out there but adds a new dimension. The iPhone App market is a truly international one with more and more users accessing information and making purchases via their smart phone rather than their computer.

What does this App do?
Screen shots and functionality are shown on other pages. But in brief the app provides access to your property information on the new generation of smart phones. It does this graphically by mapping properties and through an alphabetical listing. But that is not all for it allows the display of your own website and image gallery if you have one; a pre formatted email, and telephone access - all this is done from within the App. A new feature is a SatNav type directions function.

Who will download the app and what is the potential market?

An eye watering 45 million iPhones were sold in the 4th quarter of 2016 and 9.26 million iPads.

How difficult will it be to add your info to the App?

The short answer is not difficult at all.

If you already advertise on any of the property rental websites then you can reuse that information.

The App includes a owner sign-up and log-in screen. Just sign up with your email address and password then input your property information. A donation of £20 is required to be paid through PayPal. If you would like us to input your data for you then that is an additional £20.

But I don’t own an iPhone or iPad!

You do not need one. There is a web based sign-up page. The url is available on request. But of course you will not be able to view your entry unless you have access to a iPhone or iPad. The good news is that an Android version is in the pipeline.